the xoxo lolly box

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Send your love to that extra special person with Sweet Val’s XOXO LOLLY BOX.

Your favourite gal pal, your neighbour, your secret admirer… this special box is sure to please.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day - featuring our two new Valentines Collection sweets - PUCKER UP and LOVE HEARTS.

Two beautiful candy jars for just $30.00 that come in sustainable bamboo-lid glass jars nesting inside a stunning gift box.

OR… Pick your two favourite candy mixes and send your own unique Lolly Box completely customized for YOU!

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LOVE HEARTS - A gummy heart that is light on the first bite, followed by a juicy, cherry-filled center which is the most pleasant surprise. These candies are just as sweet as they are cute. Imported from Spain.

PUCKER UP - Sour sugar lips. The deep red Sour Cherry lips are super fruity and slightly sour - a winning combination. The Sour Pink Lemonade lips are perfectly tart and perfectly more-ish. Imported from the USA.

Sweet Val’s candy has been sourced from artisanal candy makers from all over the world. Our favourite lollies have been lovingly packaged right here in New Zealand to create the ultimate ‘easy but luxurious’ gift that anyone of any age will absolutely love. Help us spread the delight of candy!


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