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Our story

The tale of Sweet Val’s is an international story of islands and fate and weaving them together to create magic and sharing this delight with others.

Once upon a time in New York City, there was a young stockbroker, Valerie, living it up in the city that never sleeps. Originally hailing from Canada, she was out chasing the dream in the Big Apple. Valerie had always had an insatiable sweet tooth. Lucky for her, after moving into her new apartment on the Upper West Side, the one she called home for many years, there was a high-end candy store right around the block. This was game-changing. Beautiful, delicious, unique candies at her fingertips solved for easy gifts, fun pick-me-ups for girlfriends that needed cheering up, and of course, a happy place to swing by for after a tough day at work.

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On one evening out on the town, Valerie met an interesting boy, also from an island, although not the one they were currently on - Manhattan - but from the North Island of New Zealand. Who would have ever guessed that several years later, she would be married and living in this far away land in the South Pacific.

After living in New Zealand for a few years, Valerie could not find quality, delicious candies (aka. lollies) anywhere. Only sad, waxy varieties sold in mass at grocery stores and questionable looking, stale dollar mixes at dairies. Where were the beautiful, colourful and extra flavourful candies she knew and loved?

The real moment that Sweet Val’s was born was on a bicycle trip in Europe. In a small farmer’s market on another island, a Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean, alongside all the fruits and veggie farmers, were several vendors selling the freshest candies. These came from artisanal candy producers in Spain, and they were magnificent. Why not bring these phenomenal candies back to New Zealand?

Lollies at the Andratx farmer’s market, right next to all the fruit & veg

Lollies at the Andratx farmer’s market, right next to all the fruit & veg

Sweet Val’s aims to bring luxurious confectionery to New Zealand. To make beautiful gifting easy and to bring a smile to anyone’s day. Candy is universal and instantly cheerful. Let us help you share that delight with others. Sound good? SWEET AS.