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SWEET VAL’s has sourced ARTISANal Candy from all over the world.



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Sweet Val's - luxury lollies


From Moët & Chandon infused Champagne gummy bears from Germany to Cherry-filled hearts from Spain, we have carefully selected only the best lollies of the highest quality.

We are excited to share these delicious delights with all of New Zealand.

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Our confectionery is lovingly hand-packed in new zealand.

After our candy arrives from all over the globe, Sweet Val’s Oompa Loompas create our Candy Mixes in beautiful (and reusable) glass jars with a sustainable bamboo lid. Sweet Val’s Candy Mixes currently come in several different varieties - The Red Remix, Moana Creatures, Pucker Up Vegan Sours and Pop the Bubbly Bears, to name a few!

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How does sweet val’s work?

So glad that you asked! Pick your favourite selection of Candy Mixes and let us do the rest so that they arrive absolutely beautiful looking.

One individual jar will be made extra-special, gift wrapped in our custom tissue paper.

Two Candy Mixes will come in one of our Sweet Val’s lolly boxes. The prettiest presentation in the New Zealand confectionery scene.

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Share the delight

Sweet Val’s aims to bring luxurious confectionery to New Zealand. To add a dash fun and whimsy back in our lives. To make beautiful gifting easy and to bring a smile to anyone’s day. Candy is universal and instantly cheerful. Let us help you share that delight with others. Sound good? SWEET AS.